Greg Wilson

Episode 160: Perfect Pop: Men At Work

Jim and Patrick are back from Summer Break and hanging out at Greg Wilson’s Tiki House (it’s glorious). Greg adds his pick to the Perfect Pop playlist. It’s an early ’80s ode to quirky Australia by new wavers Men At Work. Another guest on the show, Brandi Crawford, says the song inspired her to go to college in the land down under.

Episode 119: Fan Mail Friday 9

We cull through the mounds of emails and social medias from the listeners and pick out a few choice comments. What other show covers air drumming, a lost record collection, whether Dan Auerbach copied another artist, a train to Toronto, Revolution Summer, Wyoming “bourbon,” Zima and Styx?

Episode 109: Fan Mail Friday 8

The fans email us. And hit us up on the social medias and so on. And then we collect a batch and respond to the comments over some drinks. This week, featuring songs by Hoops, the Replacements, the Clash, Chris Cornell, the Shins, the Damned and the B-52’s.