Episode 172: Best Songs: R.E.M.

Slicing Up Eyeballs, a website dedicated to ’80s college rock, polled readers about the best songs by R.E.M. We talk with site editor Matt Sebastian about the results — and weigh in with a few favorites of our own. Bud Verge, Bob Popik and Rob Gates join in the conversation, with Jim & Patrick, of course.

Episode 119: Fan Mail Friday 9

We cull through the mounds of emails and social medias from the listeners and pick out a few choice comments. What other show covers air drumming, a lost record collection, whether Dan Auerbach copied another artist, a train to Toronto, Revolution Summer, Wyoming “bourbon,” Zima and Styx?

Episode 57: The Athens scene

Few music scenes seemed as vibrant as Athens GA in the 1980s. Friend Kevin Goff talks about his experiences there, plus the whole gang discusses the documentary “Athens GA Inside/Out” and some of the great bands that emerged from that college town.