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Episode 13: Bish’s favorite song of 2016


January 25, 2017



Richard Lloyd was the guitarist in Television, among other things. Tom Dempsey wasn’t the kicker for the 1971 New Orleans Saints.

…we’d either just finished a 3pm meal in a Shoney’s in the two-lane hinterlands between Carrboro and Norfolk or were filling our tanks at a Slip-In near Adams Grove: fumbling his pocket for a loose change, Bish stuck a quarter-dollar piece into the slot and cranked the crank. Eyes were closed, straws poised then opened on the hand unfolded. The patrons seemed to suck in breathing for that half second waiting for the reaction: glee or gloom. “IT’S THE FUCKING SAINTS” roared Mr. B, stunning all for a half-beat. He hurled the plastic offender to the linoleum and with reflexes that would impress the quickest teen ducking out the back door when someone shouts “COPS!” and a beer bong bash, crushed the helmet to shards, turned heel and exited…


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