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Episode 29: Songs to listen to while brewing (or drinking?) beer

Traffic, looking a little hungover


February 16, 2017



This episode features the second appearance from Mike Snider, noted beer-ologist and Kansas, Kansas and Jayhawks fan. It also features the third appearance from the man himself, Mr. Jasper Colt.

Many artists have covered “There Stands The Glass,” which was written by Russ Hull, Mary Jean Shurtz and Audrey Greisham and originally recorded by Blaine Smith in 1952.  Jerry Lee Lewis, Loretta Lynn and Van Morrison have all given it a whirl, but this remains a favorite:

And for those of you interested in brewing beer at your desk (or maybe, you know, at home), here’s more on that PicoBrew that Mike and Jasper tried out. Or you could just buy a lot of beer and drink it.


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