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Episode 76: ‘The Clash’




April 24, 2017


All songs by The Clash from The Clash  (CBS UK, 1977; Epic US, 1979)


Here’s discography information that relates to the UK and US editions of the debut album:

March 1977:

“White Riot”/”1977” (CBS UK)

April 1977:

The Clash (CBS UK)- Janie Jones/Remote Control/I’m So Bored with the USA/White Riot/Hate &War/What’s My Name/Deny/London’s Burning/Career Opportunities/Cheat/Protex Blue/Police & Thieves/ 48 Hours/Garageland

Capitol Radio EP (NME giveaway/CBS UK)-Capital Radio/Interview/Listen

May 1977:

“Remote Control”/”London’s Burning” (live) (CBS UK)

Sept. 1977:

“Complete Control”/”City of the Dead” (CBS UK)

Feb. 1978:

“Clash City Rockers”/”Jail Guitar Doors” (CBS UK)

June 1978:

“White Man in Hammersmith Palais”/”The Prisoner”

May 1979:

Cost of Living EP (CBS UK)- I Fought the Law/Groovy Times/Gates of the West/Capital Radio

July 1979:

The Clash USA VERSION (CBS US)- Clash City Rockers/I’m So Bored with the USA/Remote Control/Complete Control/White Riot/White Man in Hammersmith Palais/London’s Burning/I Fought the Law/Janie Jones/Career Opportunities/What’s My Name/Hate & War/Police and Thieves/Jail Guitar Doors/Garageland (first pressings came with a free single featuring “Gates of the West”/”Groovy Times”)

In summary:

Omitted from the US version:

Only on US version:

Patrick had two books that helped him prepare for Clash Week. Both are great and highly recommended:

Patrick’s second favorite Clash book
Patrick’s favorite Clash book
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