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Episode 80: ‘Combat Rock’




April 28, 2017



The working title for what eventually became Combat Rock was Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg. According to the source of all human knowledge, this was the original track list for Rat Patrol:

“The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too” – 3:45
“Kill Time” – 4:58
“Should I Stay or Should I Go” – 3:05
“Rock the Casbah” – 3:47
“Know Your Rights” (extended version) – 5:04
“Red Angel Dragnet” – 5:12
“Ghetto Defendant” – 6:17
“Sean Flynn” – 7:30
“Car Jamming” – 3:53
“Inoculated City” – 4:32
“Death Is a Star” – 2:39
“Walk Evil Talk” – 7:37
“Atom Tan” – 2:45
“Overpowered by Funk” (demo) – 1:59
“Inoculated City” (unedited version) – 2:30
“First Night Back in London” – 2:56
“Cool Confusion” – 3:10
“Straight to Hell” (extended version) – 6:56

The edited-down record reached #7 in the USA, by far the band’s most successful release on these shores.

M.I.A. sampled “Straight to Hell” in her excellent single “Paper Planes” –

And then there’s this:

Patrick had two books that helped him prepare for Clash Week. Both are great and highly recommended:

Patrick’s second favorite Clash book
Patrick’s favorite Clash book
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