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Episode 113: less talk, more rock!

By Dan Gursky. He was there, people.




June 15, 2017



This is Dan Gursky’s sixth appearance on RTS. He’s always welcome and he brings beer.

Patrick has OCD or something.

Here’s the link with info about that Harry Nilsson documentary that Dan couldn’t think of, called Who is Harry Nillson. He thought of it later. We think it’s pretty good. 

Here’s a pic of Coke Weed (supposedly):

Grave of Johnny Ramone in Los Angeles:

By Dan Gursky. He was there, man!

Buy the Kevin Morby album now while it’s still sealed. 

Here’s the Jim Carroll Band reference (cover):

When does summer kick of for you? Are you a Memorial Day person or do you do the official dates? What summer?

It’s not a bad day when you get to listen to the Gap Band. Hells yeah.

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