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Episode 126: U2 in concert




July 5, 2017



U2 all about U2. Have you seen U2? Did you see U2 this time around? Last time?

This is Bill Horne’s third time joining us on Rockin’ the Suburbs. You may recall he saw U2 at Bonnaroo earlier this year. Which, we learned, was not the band’s first U.S. festival appearance.

Kevin Goff makes his 6th appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. He had previously joined us for a bunch of shows with Dan Gursky, one of which was about the Athens, GA music scene.

This is Brett Motiff’s second time on Rockin’ the Suburbs. And that ticket story is crazy.

Bud Verge was there. He’s in this somewhere, he really is. That marks his 6th appearance, for those who are counting. Which mainly seems to be Patrick.

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