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Episode 317: Misrepresented – Nada Surf




April 4, 2018


All music by Nada Surf.

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo by Nada Surf.


Nada Surf’s 1996 hit “Popular” may have been a hit on the charts, but we remain firm in our beliefs that the song doesn’t accurately represent the sound of the band as a whole. We listen to more of their music in another episode of our weeklong series, “Misrepresented.”

?LANGUAGE WARNING!?: Cover the kids’ ears during the playout song on this episode.

FUN FACT: In a 2005 interview with, Nada Surf co-founder Matthew Caws said that the meaning of the band’s name refers to something “…much more existential, it’s just surfing on nothing. Being lost in your head or in your imagination but you know, whenever I listen to music I always find myself off somewhere. Somewhere in space.”

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