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Episode 347: Fan Mail – Van Halen, Bonny Doon, Titus Andronicus




May 16, 2018


Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo of Bonny Doon via Bandcamp.


We take another dive into the fan mail pile. We read an email about Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli, plus a call about a number of topics, including new music from Bonny Doon and tube socks for Titus Andronicus.

FUN FACT: In an interview for VICE’s noisey, Bonny Doon‘s Bill Lennox talked about his goals when helping create the album Longwave

“The whole goal of this new album was to try and capture the band’s sound at its essence with everything stripped down and vulnerable. We were trying to just capture the sound of the band in a room. We were happy to just kind of bear more of ourselves and be more open.”

Read the rest of the interview, and the review of Longwave, by following the link:

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