Episode 1905: Track-by-Track: Cutest Nuisance ‘Happy Accident’ (Pt. 2)

Jim and Patrick speak with Devin Brezak, Matt Cortez and Melissa Hernandez of Chicago band Cutest Nuisance, whose new album, Happy Accident, is a glorious mix of melody, noise and introspection. Today, the final six tracks of the record are the focus.

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 175: The $75 Tour Poster

    Episode 175: The $75 Tour Poster

    An astute listener notes that on a previous episode, we glossed over the fact that our friend Brandi Crawford mentioned that she paid $75 for a poster at a recent Roger Waters concert. And so we call her up to get that story.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 162: Throwback Thursday

    Episode 162: Throwback Thursday

    We didn’t invent Throwback Thursday, but we may have perfected it. Enjoy some stories of music and youth from Jim & Patrick, plus Greg Wilson, Brandi Crawford and Jim’s wife, Katy. Live from the Wilson Tiki House!

  • Thumbnail for Episode 161: Roger Waters Concert

    Episode 161: Roger Waters Concert

    Brandi Crawford joins the show to discuss a recent Roger Waters concert she attended. The tour has been in the news lately because of its pointed political commentary.

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    Episode 160: Perfect Pop: Men At Work

    Jim and Patrick are back from Summer Break and hanging out at Greg Wilson’s Tiki House (it’s glorious). Greg adds his pick to the Perfect Pop playlist. It’s an early ’80s ode to quirky Australia by new wavers Men At Work. Another guest on the show, Brandi Crawford, says the song inspired her to go to college in the land down under.