Episode 1750: Book Nook Interview Part 1: Marc Masters – ‘Hi Bias: The Distorted History of the Cassette Tape’

Talk about a book that’s right up our alley! Author Marc Masters joins Patrick and Harris King to discuss his recently published book about the history of cassettes. This is the first of two-part interview.

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 984: XTC – ‘Black Sea,’ Side Two

    Episode 984: XTC – ‘Black Sea,’ Side Two

    Patrick and guest host The Bish continue their exploration of XTC’s 1980 album “Black Sea.” Today’s episode centers on Side Two.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 983: XTC – ‘Black Sea,’ Side One

    Episode 983: XTC – ‘Black Sea,’ Side One

    Patrick and guest cohost Dave Bishop (aka The Bish) examine XTC’s ‘Black Sea’ album, celebrating its 40th anniversary. Today’s episode is Side One, with Side Two coming tomorrow. (Jim is out for a bit.)

  • Thumbnail for Episode 948: Kiss – ‘Alive’

    Episode 948: Kiss – ‘Alive’

    Patrick guides a discussion of classic Kiss albums while Jim takes a week off (convenient that way). Today, Dave Bishop (aka The Bish) joins to talk about the band’s big breakthrough, “Alive.”