Episode 1582: Final Four Preview! American Band Madness!!

Bud Verge (UMass) and Jason Goebel (Colgate) join Jim & Patrick to look back at the American Band Madness tournament so far and preview this weekend’s Final Four.

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Our Greatest American Band Sports Bracket is LIVE. Check it out here!

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 1344: What Was First: Rough Trade Records

    Episode 1344: What Was First: Rough Trade Records

    We debut a new segment today! Have you ever wondered what record was the very first release on iconic indie record labels? So do we! Patrick investigates the first release on legendary UK label Rough Trade (which turns out to be a single from French punk band Métal Urbain). Hit play for a bite-size musical history lesson.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 607: Book – ‘Capitals of Punk’

    Episode 607: Book – ‘Capitals of Punk’

    Randall Brown (of Knoxville TN band Quartjar, which provides our theme music) helps us out by interviewing author and cultural geographer Tyler Sonnichsen about his new book “Capitals of Punk: DC, Paris, and Circulation in the Urban Underground.”