Episode 1913: June 2024 New Music 8: Wilco, Richard Thompson, Liily, Cutest Nuisance

On the final day of travel for the June 2024 New Music train, Scot Isom leaps behind the wheel and takes us for a long ride. Along the way, he discusses new music from Wilco, Richard Thompson, Liily and Cutest Nuisance.

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Tag: Richard Hell & the Voidoids

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    Episode 1797: Punk Albums of the 1970s

    We investigate some of the punk LPs that were released in the 1970s but didn’t qualify for the 70s Album Madness Bracket. You don’t like The Saints, Vibrators, Suicide, The Stranglers, The Damned or the Dead Boys? Well, F*!&k off!