Episode 1539: American Band Madness: Preview Edition

We’re staging a 64-band tournament to determine the greatest American band. We kick-off the bracket with Selection Monday!

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Our Greatest American Band Sports Bracket is LIVE. Check it out here!

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 444: Fan Mail – ‘Sleepwalk’

    Episode 444: Fan Mail – ‘Sleepwalk’

    It’s time to answer the Suburban Party Line. Jeff from Kansas City calls in to tell us a story of how he rediscovered that great song he once heard. It was “Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny, via a Jeff Beck cover on the “Porky’s Revenge” soundtrack. Wait, what?

  • Thumbnail for Episode 412: Echo Park Jimmy – ’80s Soundtracks

    Episode 412: Echo Park Jimmy – ’80s Soundtracks

    Fan favorite Echo Park Jimmy returns with a long call about his favorite ’80s movie soundtracks: “Something Wild,” “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “She’s Having a Baby.”