Episode 1707: Perfect Pop: The Bats, Sloan

Eric Lohrenz and Mark Neese are on hand today to discuss the beautiful, jangly, perfect pop of The Bats and Sloan. We’ll hear about “Jeweller’s Heart” and “Money City Maniacs,” respectively.

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 930: Somasonic – Interview

    Episode 930: Somasonic – Interview

    Barret Ries, a patron of the pod, picks the topic. He invites some old friends from Ohio rock band Somasonic to talk, via Zoom, about their ’90s regional success, receiving a cease-and-desist order from Semisonic, and getting the band back together a couple of decades later.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 576: Rarities – Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg

    Episode 576: Rarities – Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg

    Jim shares some rarities from his collection (music that is unavailable or difficult to find on the streaming services). He starts with a song from Bob Mould’s underappreciated mid-’90s solo career, then plays a tune from an oft-overlooked Paul Westerberg album from 2002. (Recorded on the back deck, and featuring guest Jasper Colt.)

  • Thumbnail for Episode 342: Rush – ‘Permanent Waves’

    Episode 342: Rush – ‘Permanent Waves’

    If you choose not to listen to this podcast, you still have made a choice. Rockin’ the Suburbs tackles Rush’s 1980 album “Permanent Waves,” with guests Bobby Padavick and Charles Andrews of D.C. band Night Streets. As Rush Week continues.