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  • Episode 336: Record Store Day – The Cure, the Babys, ‘Disco Fever’ and More

    More tales from Record Store Day. Today we talk with Kevin Clement of Baton Rouge LA, who picked up a special Cure release, plus some bargain finds by the Babys and Alan Parsons Project, and a Ronco compilation called "Disco Fever."

  • Episode 259: Greatest Hits – The Cure

    What's the most popular episode from our first year? The one where we talked about the Cure's best songs, featuring Matt Sebastian from the Slicing Up Eyeballs website. Enjoy it again here as we close out First Anniversary Week.

  • Episode 170: Best Songs: The Cure

    Slicing Up Eyeballs, a website dedicated to '80s college rock, polled readers about the best songs by The Cure. We talk with site editor Matt Sebastian about the results — and weigh in with a few favorites of our own. Bud Verge, Bob Popik and Rob Gates join in the conversation, with Jim & Patrick, of course.

  • Episode 162: Throwback Thursday

    We didn't invent Throwback Thursday, but we may have perfected it. Enjoy some stories of music and youth from Jim & Patrick, plus Greg Wilson, Brandi Crawford and Jim's wife, Katy. Live from the Wilson Tiki House!

  • Why ‘Pretty In Pink’ is ground zero for the college rock explosion

    A few thoughts on the soundtrack that marked the beginning of college rock appreciation for millions of fledgling music lovers.

  • Episode 110: Tommy Stinson, part 1

    We got to interview a member of one of our all-time favorite bands, Tommy Stinson of the Replacements. Tommy is on tour supporting the latest record from Bash & Pop, the new-old band he leads.


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