Episode 1707: Perfect Pop: The Bats, Sloan

Eric Lohrenz and Mark Neese are on hand today to discuss the beautiful, jangly, perfect pop of The Bats and Sloan. We’ll hear about “Jeweller’s Heart” and “Money City Maniacs,” respectively.

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  • Thumbnail for Episode 963: Eddie Van Halen, Rest in Power

    Episode 963: Eddie Van Halen, Rest in Power

    Guitar legend Eddie Van Halen died of cancer on Oct. 6, 2020, at age 65. Jim and Patrick pay tribute, with help from Kevin Spain and several callers.

  • Thumbnail for Episode 286: ‘Van Halen II’

    Episode 286: ‘Van Halen II’

    Van Halen Week continues. Today, we discuss the band’s second album, released in 1979. It sold millions and was still a bit of a commercial disappointment compared to the debut. But … “Dance the Night Away”!