Epsiode 36: Feelin’ the Feelies




February 27, 2017


all songs by The Feelies

  • “Been Replaced” In Between (Bar/None) 2017
  • “Fame” from the movie Something Wild (1986)
  • “Let’s Go” The Good Earth (Coyote) 1986
  • “Crazy Rhythms” Crazy Rhythms (Stiff America) 1980
  • “Sooner or Later” Time for a Witness (A&M) 1991
  • “What Goes On” Only Life (A&M) 1988


In more than 40 years as a band, the Feelies have only released six full-length albums. Type “history of the feelies” into the Google machine and you get this:

There was that time that the Feelies opened up for Lou Reed. And because you know you already looked it up anyway:

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