Episode 46: The Velvet Underground and Nico, track by track, part one




March 13, 2017


Songs from The Velvet Underground and Nico (Verve) March 12, 1967

  • “Sunday Morning”
  • “I’m Waiting for the Man”


This is Mark Jenkins‘ first appearance on RTS.

The original mono version of the VU and Nico came in a gatefold sleeve, contained a picture of Eric Emerson that was later the subject of a lawsuit and had a peel-able banana sticker on the cover. Copies can still be had, but they don’t come cheap. 

Here’s the “special low price” edition that Patrick bought. It was actually 1985, not ’84 as he said on the pod. Memory starts going when ya get old, ya know.

Here’s the CD issue Jim has, which restored the original cover and the airbrushed photo.

We’re not sure which edition Mark has, but it does have a “peel slowly and see” cover. We’ll continue to investigate.

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