Episode 52: Marah’s Dave Bielanko, part one




March 21, 2017


  • Marah “Point Breeze” Kids in Philly (Artemis) 2000
  • Marah “Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft” Let’s Cut the Crap & Hook Up Later on Tonight (Black Dog) 1998
  • Faces “Had Me a Real Good Time” Long Player (Warner Bros.) 1971
  • The Replacements “I Don’t Know” Pleased to Meet Me (Sire) 1987
  • Marah “Float Away” Float Away with the Friday Night Gods (Artemis) 2002


This piece by Nick Hornby had an impact on Marah’s career (more on those celeb fans later in the week).

Three guesses which one is Dave in this picture:

One of Jim’s photos of Marah live at Jammin Java, Feb. 24, 2017:

And without further ado, here’s the full Dave Bielanko interview, warts and all. Listen at your own risk.

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