Episode 70: Fan mail Friday 3




April 14, 2017


  • Heart “Even It Up” Bebe le Strange (Epic) 1980
  • Marah “My Girl” (excerpt from live version of “Catfisherman”)
  • Martha “Christine” Blisters in the Pit of My Heart (Dirtnap) 2016
  • Velocity Girl “I Don’t Care If You Go” Slumberland single, 1990
  • Foxy Shazam “Drain You” SPIN Presents Newermind: A Tribute Album (SPIN) 2011
  • Badly Drawn Boy “The Shining” The Hour of Bewilderbeast  (XL Recordings) 2000
  • Bomb the Music Industry! “Felt Just Like Vacation” Vacation (Quote Unquote Records) 2011
  • Cowboy Mouth “Jenny Says” Word of Mouth (Monkey Hill) 1992
  • Jesus and Mary Chain “Far Gone and Out” Honey’s Dead (Def American) 1992


Looks like there was a 2011 Nirvana tribute album put together by SPIN magazine. Never heard of it, but it does have the Meat Puppets (sort of).

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