Episode 74: Jasper Colt goes to Cuba




April 20, 2017


  • Yissy & Bandancha “Última noticia” Última Noticia (Zona Jazz) 2016
  • Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos – “Los Teenagers Bailan Changui” Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos (The Prosthetic Cubans) (Atlantic) 1998
  • Pitbull “El Taxi” Dale (RCA) 2015


This is Jasper Colt‘s fifth appearance on RTS. He’s the best, we love him.

That time Pitbull needed a taxi:


Marc Ribot is a genre-jumping scamp. He’s put out a lot of shape-shifting guitar music and been a sideman on countless hot jams.

Here’s the info you need on Yissy Garcia. The drums, the drums:

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