Episode 77: ‘Give ‘Em Enough Rope’




April 25, 2017


All songs by The Clash from Give ‘Em Enough Rope  (Epic Records), October 1978

  • “Tommy Gun”
  • “Drug Stabbing Time”
  • “Julie’s Been Working for Drug Squad”
  • “Safe European Home”


If — and it’s a big IF, yeah — The Clash decided to hold onto some of the singles they recorded between their debut album and Give ‘Em Enough Rope, it would have been quite a different record. Of course, that would also mean that the US version of The Clash probably would have never existed, so… but anyway, how about this for a lineup:

Side One:
1. Safe European Home
2. Complete Control
3. English Civil War
4. Tommy Gun
5. Jail Guitar Doors

Side Two:
1. White Man in Hammersmith Palais
2. Clash City Rockers
3. Stay Free
4. All the Young Punks
5. The Prisoner
6. Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad

They toured the USA to support Give ‘Em, their label hoping the band would break “big” in the States:

Patrick had two books that helped him prepare for Clash Week. Both are great and highly recommended:

Patrick’s second favorite Clash book
Patrick’s favorite Clash book
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