Episode 79: ‘Sandinista!’




April 27, 2017


All songs by The Clash from Sandinista! (CBS/Epic) December 1980

  • “The Street Parade”
  • “The Magnificent Seven”
  • “Junco Partner”
  • “Washington Bullets”
  • “Police On My Back”


Don’t think we mentioned this on this episode, but “Police On My Back” was written by Eddie Grant. Yeah, this Eddy Grant:

Interesting piece laying out the argument that Sandinista! is a better record than London Calling.

And a bit on where the title of the album was drawn from.

The full tracklist:

Side One
The Magnificent Seven
Hitsville U.K.
Junco Partner
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
The Leader
Something About England
Side Two
Rebel Waltz
Look Here
The Crooked Beat
Somebody Got Murderered
One More Time
One More Dub
Side Three
Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)
Corner Soul
Let’s Go Crazy
If Music Could Talk
The Sound of Sinners
Side Four
Police on My Back
Midnight Log
The Equalizer
The Call Up
Washington Bullets
Side Five
Lose This Skin
Charlie Don’t Surf
Mensforth Hill
Junkie Slip
Kingston Advice
The Street Parade
Side Six
Version City
Living in Fame
Silicone on Sapphire
Version Pardner
Career Opportunities
Shepherds Delight

There was a single-LP promo disc created to help promote Sandinsta! (info from The Clash Wiki)

Side One

  1. Police on My Back
  2. Somebody Got Murderered
  3. The Call Up
  4. Washington Bullets
  5. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
  6. Hitsville U.K.

Side Two

  1. Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
  2. The Magnificent Seven
  3. The Leader
  4. Junco Partner
  5. One More Time
  6. The Sound Of Sinners

Patrick had two books that helped him prepare for Clash Week. Both are great and highly recommended:

Patrick’s second favorite Clash book
Patrick’s favorite Clash book
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