Episode 88: Perfect Pop – Stone Roses, Big Star




May 10, 2017


  • Stone Roses “Love Spreads” Second Coming (Geffen) 1994
  • Big Star “September Gurls” Radio City (Ardent) 1974
  • Big Star “Thank You Friends” Third (PVC) 1978


The Stone Roses got back together sometime around 2012 and played some well-attended shows inĀ Manchester and Dublin. In 2016, they released a new single “All for One.” They plan to play some shows this summer.

There are lots of good ways to learn more about Big Star and Alex Chilton. Beyond getting the records, of course. One isĀ Holly George-Warren’s A Man Called Destruction, which details Alex’s life and recordings and failures and triumphs.

There’s a documentary called Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me that’s worth a watch. Here’s the trailer:

And last year, a fantastic set called Complete Third was issued, which follows the seminal third Big Star record from demos to rough mixes to final masters. Every note is worth hearing, ya know.

TheĀ cover of the very first official release of Third, which came out on Aura Records in the UK in 1978:

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