Episode 101: Covers part one – Johnny Cash does Soundgarden, Rachid Taha does The Clash




May 30, 2017


  • Johnny Cash “Rusty Cage” American 2: Unchained (American) 1996
  • Rachid Taha “Rock El Casbah” Tékitoi (Barclay) 2004
  • Soundgarden “Hunted Down” Screaming Life (Sub Pop) 1987


Rachid Taha is often credited with pioneering something called “Rock and Rai” music. Here’s a little summary of just what Rai music is, from the Source of All Human Knowledge.

Here’s some more Rachid:

The American series that Rick Rubin and Johnny Cash did was one of the most notable collaborations in American music history. Rick Rubin discusses his work with Cash. 

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