Episode 124: Sonic Youth’s ‘Sister’ turns 30




June 30, 2017


All songs from Sonic Youth Sister (SST) 1987

  • “Schizophrenia”
  • “Catholic Block”
  • “Tuff Gnarl”
  • “Hot Wire My Heart”


There is a fantastic Sister page on the Sonic Youth website, including these intro notes:

“Sister” was Sonic Youth’s fifth album, and their second consecutive album with the same drummer performing on all tracks. Obviously, SY had found their groove w/ Steve behind the beats, and it’s with those beats that “Sister” begins, kicking off with a little tune called “Schizophrenia” that’s been a sonic staple since its composition. It’s on this track that Thurston and Kim first trade verses, and that’s just one of several sonic firsts on this LP (also including use of acoustic guitar for melodic purposes, use of a Moog synthesizer, and the return of Thurston on bass for the first time since “Confusion Is Sex”). This is also the only Sonic Youth album (well, until NYC Ghosts & Flowers, but that’s another story) that didn’t have a proper single release, though a video clip for “Beauty Lies In The Eye” was filmed.

Here’s a great but little known Sonic Youth album from just before Sister was released. Check it if you don’t know it:

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