Episode 131: Workin’ at the record store




July 12, 2017


  • Jayhawks “Lights” Sweet Relief – A Benefit for Victoria Williams (Thirsty Ear/Columbia)
  • Bob Dylan “Queen Jane Approximately” Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia) 1965
  • Richard and Linda Thompson “Night Comes In” Pour Down Like Silver (Island) 1975


This is Ryan Sholin‘s second appearance on Rockin’ the Suburbs. He da bomb. And he might introduce you to the Morose Guy if you’re nice to him.

The internet has this to offer about Peaches:

Years ago, in a time when record stores ruled areas of your hometown, a large behemoth of a store was formed. Known widely, Peaches Records & Tapes was created to be more than those local small record shops—it was designed to swallow them whole.

The goal? To be the one place that you would ever need to go to get all of your music, and anything related to it. Peaches Records & Tapes had a store in just about every large city across America. Finding one wasn’t hard. One you had the general location of one, it could easily be spotted by the large wooden LP cover constructs that adorned the building.

Read the full article here.

Oh, and the crates:

Patrick’s quick guide to Richard and Linda Thompson (meaning, listen to these in this order, yeah?):

  1. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (1974)
  2. Pour Down Like Silver (1975)
  3. Shoot Out the Lights (1982)
  4. Hokey Pokey (1975)
  5. First Light (1978)

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