Episode 143: Elvis Costello Retrospective




July 28, 2017


  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Strict Time” Trust  (F-Beat, Columbia) 1981
  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Beyond Belief” Imperial Bedroom (F-Beat, Columbia) 1982
  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Everyday I Write The Book” Beat the Clock (F-Beat, Columbia) 1983
  • The Costello Show featuring the Attractions and Confederates “Indoor Fireworks” King of America  (F-Beat, Columbia) 1986
  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Uncomplicated” Blood and Chocolate (Imp/Columbia) 1986
  • Elvis Costello “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” Spike (Warner Bros.) 1989
  • Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Complicated Shadows” All This Useless Beauty (Warner Bros.) 1996


Happy Friday everyone! Jim and Patrick prepare to get kicked out of Mike Snider’s house by wrapping up Elvis Costello week and exploring all phases of the “rest” of Elvis’ career. And yeah, he’s in the Hall. In the hall!!

FUN FACT: The band Clover, who played on Costello’s 1977 record ‘My Aim Is True,’ would later evolve into the famous ’80s rock group Huey Lewis and the News.

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