Episode 203: Yep Roc’s 20th Anniversary, Part 1




October 23, 2017


  • Two Dollar Pistols “Runnin’ With The Fools (Normal)” Hands Up! (Yep Roc Records) 2004
  • The Fleshtones “The Band Drinks For Free” The Band Drinks For Free (Yep Roc Records) 2016
  • The Stray Birds “Shining In The Distance” Magic Fire (Yep Roc Records) 2016
  • Jeremy and The Harlequins “With You” With You – Single (Yep Roc Records) 2017
  • Nick Lowe “I Love My Label” The Wilderness Years (Demon Records) 1991


A little over 20 years ago, in 1997, Glenn Dicker and Tor Hansen founded Yep Roc; an independent music label based in North Carolina. In today’s episode, Jim and Patrick start a conversation with Glenn and general manager Billy Maupin, and discuss everything from artists, to how the music industry has evolved over the last couple of decades.

FUN FACT: The first albums released by Yep Roc were compilation albums featuring artists that Glenn Dicker and Tor Hansen liked. There was no particular focus on the sound of the area (North Carolina) that the label was based out of.

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