Episode 211: Intern Sam Loves Motown




November 2, 2017


  • Jr. Walker and the All Stars “Shotgun” Shotgun – Single (Motown) 1965
  • Stevie Wonder “Uptight” Up-Tight (Tamla Motown) 1966
  • Kendrick Lamar “HUMBLE.” DAMN. (Top Dawg Entertainment) 2017


In today’s episode, our intern Sam Lisker joins the show to discuss record collecting (the latest fad amongst youngsters), music he grew up on and what he is listening to now.

Learn more about Sam here: slisker.com

FUN FACT: Jr. Walker and the All Stars hit “Shotgun” (one of Sam’s favorite songs) has what sounds like an actual shotgun going off at the beginning of the track. According to the novel The Motown Story: Volume I, the sound of the shotgun blast was produced by kicking an amplifier.

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