Episode 234: Polished Pop Rock




December 6, 2017


  • Redd Kross “Zira (Call Out My Name)” Third Eye (Atlantic) 1990
  • Redd Kross “Elephant Flares” Third Eye (Atlantic) 1990
  • Jimmy Eat World “Big Casino” Chase This Light (Interscope Records) 2007
  • Jimmy Eat World “The Middle” Bleed American (DreamWorks Records) 2001
  • Tsar “Kathy Fong Is The Bomb” Tsar (Hollywood Records) 2000
  • The Weakerthans “The Reasons” Reconstruction Site (Epitaph Records) 2003
  • Bowling for Soup “1985” A Hangover You Don’t Deserve (Jive Records) 2004


Despite it being the middle of the week, our guest hosts Will Pfeifer and Billy Kulpa are not slowing down. In today’s episode, Will and Billy discuss rock artists that bring raw talent when recording in the studio.

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FUN FACT: Jimmy Eat World’s vocalist Tom Linton got the name for their band from his two brothers, Ed and Jimmy. Both of the brothers fought a lot, with Jimmy being much bigger than Ed (so, naturally, he won the fights). Then, one day, Ed drew a picture of Jimmy eating a globe; captioning the photo “Jimmy Eat World.”

For your viewing pleasure:

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