Episode 285: ‘Van Halen’




February 19, 2018


  • Van Halen “Runnin’ With The Devil” Van Halen (Warner Bros.) 1978
  • Van Halen “Jamie’s Cyrin’” Van Halen (Warner Bros.) 1978
  • Tone-Loc “Wild Thing” Lōc-ed After Dark (Delicious Vinyl) 1989
  • Van Halen “Ice Cream Man” Van Halen (Warner Bros.) 1978
  • Van Halen “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love” Van Halen (Warner Bros.) 1978

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo courtesy of the Rock Hall Library and Archive.


For today’s ‘President’s Day’ episode, we kick off Van Halen week! This month marks 40 years since the group released their debut album, Van Halen. Kevin Spain also joins us as we celebrate this one-of-a-kind group ALL week!

FUN FACT: Gene Simmons of Kiss tried to sign Van Halen to his label when they were initially having a hard time. His label eventually refused to take the group because they thought Van Halen were not going to be successful. It did not take long for Warner Bros. to sign the band shortly thereafter.

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