Episode 315: Misrepresented – Soul Asylum




April 2, 2018


All music by Soul Asylum.

  • “Runaway Train” Grave Dancers Union (Columbia Records) 1992
  • “Somebody To Shove” Grave Dancers Union (Columbia Records) 1992
  • “Twiddly Dee” Hang Time (A&M Records) 1988
  • “Just Like Anyone” After the Flood: Live from the Grand Forks Prom, June 28, 1997 (Columbia Records) 2004
  • “Sometime To Return” Hang Time (A&M Records) 1988
  • “Freaks” While You Were Out (Twin/Tone Records) 1986
  • “Ain’t That Tough” Made to Be Broken (Twin/Tone Records) 1986


Happy Easter Monday! In addition to spending time with loved ones yesterday, we hope you all made an effort to avoid some April Fools pranks. To kick off the first week of April, we begin our “Misrepresented” series; where we talk about big hits from bands that ended up being misrepresented as a result. We start off with Soul Asylum and their 1992 hit “Runaway Train.”

FUN FACT: The video for “Runaway Train” featured missing children, along with a call-to-action at the end of the video that encouraged viewers to call a phone number if they knew the location of the children. According to a Boston Herald article at the time, there were three versions of the video that aired in the United States, with different children shown in each one.

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