Episode 334: Flying Nun Today – Courtneys, Aldous Harding, Fazerdaze and More




April 27, 2018


  • The Courtneys “Country Song” The Courtneys II (Flying Nun Records) 2017
  • Aldous Harding “Imagining My Man” Party (Flying Nun Records) 2017
  • Fazerdaze “Little Uneasy” Morningside (Flying Nun Records) 2017
  • Grayson Gilmour “Hundred Waters” Otherness (Flying Nun Records) 2017
  • Wax Chattels “Stay Disappointed” Wax Chattels (Flying Nun Records) 2018
  • The Courtneys “Silver Velvet” The Courtneys II (Flying Nun Records) 2017


This week ended way too fast. As we conclude Flying Nun Week, we dive into the acts that are currently under the label; such as the Courtneys, Aldous Harding, Fazerdaze, Grayson Gilmour and the Wax Chattels. BIG THANKS to Nick Scalera for co-hosting this week while Jim was out. Rock on. ?

Visit their official website at flyingnun.co.nz.

Follow Nick on Twitter @nickscalera

FUN FACT: In an interview with Coney’s Loft, The Courtneys talked about their recent relationship with Flying Nun Records.

“When our first album came out we kind of had this dream that Flying Nun would distribute us in New Zealand. That dream ended up with Jen just sending them a fan letter telling them how much we loved their stuff and would they be at all interested in getting involved with us and they came back to us saying yes!”

Learn more about their Flying Nun relationship, and their latest album, by checking out the full interview here: http://www.coneysloft.com/magazine/2017/6/5/interview-the-courtneys

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