Episode 352: Rarities – The Chills’ ‘Secret Box’




May 23, 2018


  • The Chills Always Time For Coca-Cola (Jan/Feb 1996)Secret Box (Flying Nun Records) 2001
  • The Chills Green Eyed OwlSecret Box (Flying Nun Records) 2001
  • The Chills A Message To PrettySecret Box (Flying Nun Records) 2001
  • The Chills “Dream By Dream (Original Martin Kean Vocal)(Outtake)”Secret Box (Flying Nun Records) 2001
  • The Chills Rain (BBC Session)Secret Box (Flying Nun Records) 2001
  • The Chills “Draft Morning” Secret Box (Flying Nun Records) 2001


We continue Rarities Week with selections from Patrick’s three-CD set Secret Box by The Chills. If you recall from our Flying Nun Week, you may remember all of those Chills tracks that we played. If you really enjoyed those, or are still curious about the band’s history, then this is a secret you don’t want to ignore!

FUN FACT: In late 2017, it was announced that a new documentary was being developed about The Chills. The release highlights the band’s rise, and founder Martin Phillipps descent into drug addiction. Watch the trailer!

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