Episode 359: May New Music – Gruff Rhys, Mourn, Cheap Trick




June 4, 2018


  • Gruff Rhys “Frontier Man” Frontier Man (Rough Trade Records) 2018
  • Mourn “Barcelona City Tour” Barcelona City Tour (Captured Tracks) 2018
  • Cheap Trick “The Summer Looks Good On You” The Summer Looks Good On You (Big Machine Records) 2018


It’s Intern Sam Week on Rockin’ the Suburbs! Fresh from his completed internship at CBSN in New York City, Sam kicks back with Jim and Patrick at SuburbsPod HQ to talk music and NYC experiences.

It is also now June! This means that we take a couple of days to look back at some of our favorites new tracks from the month prior. Patrick starts things off with his May 2018 New Music selections. Sam also chimes in with one of his new favorites.

FUN FACT: Musician Gruff Rhys has an interesting way of playing the guitar. In a 2002 interview with Planet Magazine, Rhys, a right-handed person, revealed that he learned to play guitar on a left-handed version of the instrument. He grew so used to it, that he had no idea how to change the strings around. In short, he plays guitar upside-down.

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