Episode 429: Fan Mail – Hockey Songs




September 12, 2018


  • Atom and His Package “Goalie” A Society of People Named Elihu (The Mountain Collective For Independent Artists) 1997
  • The Tragically Hip “Fifty-Mission Cap” Fully Completely (MCA Records) 1992
  • Mel and Tim “Backfield in Motion” Good Guys Only Win in the Movies (Sundazed Records) 1996


Over the summer, we celebrated the Washington Capitols’ Stanley Cup victory by listening to some great hockey songs suggested by all of you!

Now, we read your fan mail from that episode (and listen to some more great hockey tunes).

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One Reply to “Episode 429: Fan Mail – Hockey Songs”

  1. RickCole77

    I got this to say! You could have “listened to the f*cking song” to learn the pronunciation of Bill Barilko’s name. It starts, “Bill Barilko disappeared….”

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