Episode 589: Flying Nun Records – Pin Group, Sneaky Feelings, The Stones and More




April 29, 2019


  • Pin Group “Ambivalence” Ambivalence (Flying Nun Records) 1981
  • Sneaky Feelings “Husband House” Husband House (Flying Nun Records) 1985
  • The Stones “Down And Around” Dunedin Double (Flying Nun Records) 1982
  • The Clean “Getting Older” Getting Older (Flying Nun Records) 1982
  • The Great Unwashed “Can’t Find Water” Singles (Flying Nun Records) 1984
  • Bird Nest Roys “Jaffa Boy” Bird Nest Roys (Flying Nun Records) 1987
  • Children’s Hour “Looking For The Sun” Flesh (Flying Nun Records) 1983
  • The Doublehappys “Needles and Plastic” Cut It Out (Flying Nun Records) 1985
  • This Kind of Punishment “From the Diary of Hermann Doubt” A Beard of Bees (Flying Nun Records) 1984
  • Bird Nest Roys “Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love” Bird Nest Roys (Flying Nun Records) 1987


Do you remember those episodes we did on Flying Nun Records around this time last year? Well, our expert on the New Zealand label, Nick Scalera, is back to talk more about it while Jim takes the week off. Nick and Patrick kick things off by talking about some of the early bands.

For your viewing pleasure…

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