Episode 638: Guest Shot – Interview – Jeff Heiskell of Judybats, Part 1




July 9, 2019


  • The Judybats “She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)” Native Son (Sire Records) 1991
  • The Judybats “Native Son” Native Son (Sire Records) 1991
  • Heiskell “I’m Still Around” Songs in the Key of H (Heiskell) 2019


We bring in Randall Brown of Knoxville, Tennessee to take over guest hosting duties. He has for us an exclusive interview with Jeff Heiskell, a local legend known for his stint as frontman of The Judybats. They were a group signed to Sire Records in the 1990s. Jeff is now pursuing a solo career. This is part 1 of Randall’s interview with Jeff.

Heiskell’s latest album is Songs in the Key of H. Visit heiskellmusic.com

Follow Jeff Heiskell on Twitter @Heiskell

Randall Brown is a member of Quartjar, who provided the theme music for “Rockin’ the Suburbs.” Visit quartjar42.com

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One Reply to “Episode 638: Guest Shot – Interview – Jeff Heiskell of Judybats, Part 1”

  1. Tim

    Hey, Tim Stutz here. Stumbled on this podcast from Jeff and Randall. Hi ya Jeff. In regards to the roky Erickson tune…we were recording at Dreamland studios and bill Bentley of sire asked our manager if we would like to record a roky tune for the tribute CD. We said yes, because you do like Jeff says but we chose She Lives because it was available and we could easily get around the tune. I had heard of the 13th Floor Elevators but no one else had. Interesting tidbit the farfisa organ on it belongs to the B-52s. See ya.

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