Episode 711: The Kinks’ Arista Years




October 21, 2019


All music in this episode by The Kinks.

  • “Sleepwalker” Sleepwalker (Arista) 1977
  • “Life Goes On” Sleepwalker (Arista) 1977
  • Juke Box Music” Sleepwalker (Arista) 1977
  • “In a Foreign Land” Misfits (Arista) 1978
  • “Out of the Wardrobe” Misfits (Arista) 1978
  • “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” Misfits (Arista) 1978
  • “Pressure” Low Budget (Arista) 1979
  • “(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman” Low Budget (Arista) 1979
  • “Destroyer” Give the People What They Want (Arista) 1981
  • “Around the Dial” Give the People What They Want (Arista) 1981
  • “Come Dancing” State of Confusion (Arista) 1983
  • “Do It Again” Do It Again (Arista) 1984
  • “Living on a Thin Line” The Road (Arista) 1988


We invite patron of the pod Scott Parks on to the show. His supporter status grants him the opportunity to pick today’s topic. He talks to Jim and Patrick about the Kinks‘ late ’70s and early ’80s period on Arista Records.

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One Reply to “Episode 711: The Kinks’ Arista Years”

  1. loganstreetrecords@yahoo.com

    Loved this episode. I too love the Arista years. A great listen. It made me pull out my Kinks records and I discovered I was missing (gasp) Misfits. Ordered a new used one on ebay. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

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