Episode 768: Neil Peart, Rest in Power




January 12, 2020


All music in this episode by Rush.

  • “By-Tor & the Snow Dog” Fly By Night (Mercury) 1975
  • “Tom Sawyer” Moving Pictures (Anthem) 1981
  • “Drum Solo – Live at Hammersmith Odeon – February 20, 1978” A Farewell to Kings – 40th Anniversary Edition (Anthem) 2017


On January 7, 2020, legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away from brain cancer.

Known for his preciseness, his technical expertise and live performances that were just as exact as his recordings on the drum kit, Neil was a master of his craft. Jim and Patrick are joined by Mike Snider and Brad Maylor to discuss Peart’s contributions to rock music. Rest in power.

Remember that time we dedicated an entire week in 2018 to Rush? Check it out here!

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo of Neil Peart by John Arrowsmith.

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