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Episode 788: The Chameleons (UK) – An Appreciation




February 7, 2020


  • The Chameleons UK “In Shreds” Script Of The Bridge (25th Anniversary Edition) (Blue Apple Music) 2008
  • The Chameleons UK “Up The Down Escalator (Live in concert, Bremen 1983)” Script Of The Bridge (25th Anniversary Edition) (Blue Apple Music) 2008
  • The Chameleons UK “Perfume Garden (Demo)” What Does Anything Mean? Basically (2009 Remaster) (Blue Apple Music) 2009
  • The Chameleons UK “Swamp Thing” Strange Times (Geffen Records) 1986
  • The Sun And The Moon “Death Of Imagination” Distant Drums (Stereokill Recordings) 2013


Nick Scalera supports the show on Patreon, which means he gets to pick today’s topic. We discuss the career of a band you should know, the Chameleons (aka Chameleons UK).

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One Reply to “Episode 788: The Chameleons (UK) – An Appreciation”

  1. Patrick

    Before I new of the band I came across their first album “Script Of the Bridge” at a local record store, based on the artwork and label I assumed they were a “New Age” band. I’m glad I later gave them a listen, they soon became my favorite band.

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