Episode 841: Too Much Joy – ‘Cereal Killers’




April 22, 2020


All music in this episode by Too Much Joy, from their 1991 album Cereal Killers; released on Giant Records.

  • “Crush Story”
  • “Thanksgiving in Reno”
  • “Theme Song”


We recently put out a call to send Intern Sam your used music. Maybe you have a duplicate? Maybe it’s a band you broke up with? Sam is hungry to offer his thoughts on music he’s never heard before.

Listener Paul Trap has set the bar. He sent Sam a CD of Too Much Joy‘s 1991 album, Cereal Killers.

For your viewing pleasure…

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2 Replies to “Episode 841: Too Much Joy – ‘Cereal Killers’”

  1. Scott Stalcup

    Glad you did this episode. Too Much Joy has soundtracked my life for thirty years. They’re one of those lifetime bands, right up there with The Hooters, The Ramones, and my entry for the Christmas episode of your old series Dad Rock, The Manic Street Preachers.

  2. Douglas Mashkow

    Nice job! Too Much Joy was always one of my favorite bands, as they were my age and from the New York suburbs, and their sense of humor was on the same wavelength. When I found out Tommy the drummer worked with a friend of mine in the NYPD, it really made them “one of us” to me. When asked to do that “10 albums” Facebook thing, Cereal Killers was right there between London Calling and Let it Be (the Replacements one, that is) for me. Sad that they were “fun punk” at a time when grunge made ambivalence cool. When Blink 182 and Green Day blew up, I kept thinking it should have been TMJ.

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