Episode 856: Thrash Metal




May 13, 2020


  • Exodus “Metal Command” Bonded by Blood (Torrid/Combat) 1985
  • Kiss “Deuce” Alive! (Casablanca Records) 1975
  • Megadeth “Mechanix” Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good! (Combat Records) 1985
  • Testament “Over the Wall” The Legacy (Atlantic, Megaforce) 1987
  • Slayer “Haunting the Chapel” Haunting the Chapel (Metal Blade Records) 1984
  • Possessed “Seven Churches” Seven Churches (Combat Records) 1985
  • Exodus “Bonded by Blood” Bonded by Blood (Torrid/Combat) 1985


Mike Kohli hops on the pod to talk thrash metal!! ?

Mike just watched a new documentary called “Murder in the Front Row,” and so he wants to discuss thrash metal. Dig it!

Since he’s a patron of the pod, he got to pick today’s topic. Be like Mike and become a podcast patron – support the show and get bonus content at patreon.com/suburbspod.

Where credit is due: Thumbnail photo of Exodus by Bruce Getty.

For your viewing pleasure…


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