Episode 958: Neil Young in the ’80s




October 5, 2020


All music in this episode by Neil Young.

  • “Captain Kennedy” Hawks & Doves (Reprise) 1980
  • “Shots” Re-Ac-Tor (Reprise) 1981
  • “Computer Age” Trans (Geffen) 1982
  • “Kinda Fonda Wanda” Everybody’s Rockin’ (Geffen) 1983
  • “Old Ways” Old Ways (Geffen) 1985
  • “People On The Street” Landing On Water (Geffen) 1986
  • “This Note’s for You” This Note’s for You (Reprise) 1988
  • “Heavy Love” Eldorado (Reprise) 1989
  • “Crime in the City (Sixty to Zero Part I)” Freedom (Reprise) 1989

Except for…

  • Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Prisoners of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Life (Geffen) 1987


Scott Parks, patron and friend of the pod, gets to pick today’s topic.

Neil Young is quite an accomplished singer-songwriter, but many view his ’80s records as bizarre and not the Harvest sound that listeners were so accustom to. Scott has a different perspective on the matter, arguing that without these ’80s releases by Young, his evolution as an artist would have been limited or totally non-existent.

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