Episode 962: Playing the Theremin on a Blue Oyster Cult Song




October 9, 2020


  • Screaming Trees “Dime Western” Dust (Epic) 1996
  • Clara Rockmore, Nadia Reisenberg “Air” Clara Rockmore’s Lost Theremin Album (Bridge Records) 2006
  • Blue Öyster Cult “Fight” The Symbol Remains (Frontiers) 2020


Our good friend Jeff Nolan, music historian for Hard Rock Cafe, joins us for a tale about Blue Öyster Cult that involves him playing the theremin on their latest record, The Symbol Remains! Jeff also tells us about taking a vacation with Buck Dharma (the constant member of the group). 

For your viewing pleasure…

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One Reply to “Episode 962: Playing the Theremin on a Blue Oyster Cult Song”

  1. Lesa Kramer

    So Grand! Course, grew up in Nor Cali so love me some Soft White Underbelly. Thx Elders for taking me to those secret shows, as a young’n…back in the ‘burbs in Marin, CA. Perfect timing for something spooky like a theremin? AND, wait for it, Jeff is a solid pal, from another life, still, in Orlando! Kinda heard this was coming. I can attest Jeff is madly in love, for ever, with BOC. x.

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