Episode 970: The Undertones – An Appreciation




October 21, 2020


All music in this episode by the Undertones.

  • “Get Over You” Get Over You (Sire Records) 1979
  • “More Songs About Chocolate And Girls” Hypnotised (Sire Records) 1980
  • “Boys Will Be Boys” Hypnotised (Sire Records) 1980
  • “Tearproof” Hypnotised (Sire Records) 1980
  • “Beautiful Friend” Beautiful Friend (Ardeck) 1982
  • “Sigh And Explode” Positive Touch (Ardeck) 1981
  • “The Love Parade” The Sin of Pride (Ardeck) 1983
  • “It’s Going to Happen!” Positive Touch (Ardeck) 1981
  • “Got To Have You Back” The Sin of Pride (Ardeck) 1983


Podcast patron Eric Lohrenz joins us for his second consecutive episode! Today, we discuss the late ’70s/early ’80s work of Northern Ireland’s Undertones.

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