Episode 993: October New Music – Travis feat. Susanna Hoffs, Mipso, the Antlers, PUP, Corey Taylor and More




November 23, 2020


  • Corey Taylor “Halfway Down” CMFT (Roadrunner Records) 2020
  • Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler “Sabotage (Looks so Easy)” In Memory of My Feelings (Needle Mythology) 2020
  • Drew Citron “Kiss Me” Free Now (Park The Van) 2020
  • The Antlers “Wheels Roll Home” Wheels Roll Home (Anti/Epitaph) 2020
  • Travis “The Only Thing (ft. Susanna Hoffs)” 10 Songs (BMG) 2020
  • Mipso “Hourglass” Mipso (Rounder) 2020
  • PUP “Rot” This Place Sucks Ass (Rise Records) 2020
  • PUP “A.M. 180” This Place Sucks Ass (Rise Records) 2020


Listener new music kicks off with listener calls from Scotland’s Steven Routledge and Jesse from San Antonio. Steven goes with tunes by Corey Taylor, Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard Butler, Drew Citron, the Antlers, and Travis feat. Susanna Hoffs. Jesse picks music by Mipso and PUP.

Where credit is due: Thumbnail of Mipso by D.L. Anderson Pictures for LiveLoud Media.

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